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Cebelia Extreme Confort Crème


Cebelia Extreme Confort Crème

Suitable for assaulted, overheated skins with a tendency to couperosis.
Extreme Care provides an immediate cooling effect, soothes inflammation, deeply hydrates and repairs the skin thanks to its targeted active ingredients with complementary properties.

Main active ingredients
Neuropeptide (derived from proopiomelanocortin - POMC) – Soothes
Skin inflammation modulator
Acts on substance P and pro-inflammatory cytokines
Vasoconstrictor: improves skin microcirculation Reduces redness, swelling, overheating
Mexican Cactus extract – Refreshes
Produces an immediate cooling sensation
Skin temperature drops instantly
Glasswort extract – Rehydrates
Stimulates urea production
Compensates for water loss in a regulated, proportional way
CEBELINE Peptide (Laminine 5 active fragment is an exclusive patented peptide) - Promotes healing and repairs
Promotes epidermal repair
Restores the mechanical and biological properties of the dermal-epidermal junction
Cotton oil - Revitalises
Has a regenerating effect on skin tissues Improves the local circulation in the treated area
Fragrance free
A jelly-like texture between a gel (anti-burns) which are sometimes too watery, and a classic emulsion, often too rich (neither is it a serum as the latter penetrates too rapidly). Quickly absorbed and spreads easily on damaged skins.
Indications for use
The Extreme Care is suitable for assaulted, overheated skins with a tendency to couperosis.
In medical aesthetic procedures:
Pre and post-laser (especially fractional laser) After IPL Post radiofrequency Post medium and deep skin peeling
In dermatological procedures:
Flushes, couperosis, rosacea, reactive and intolerant skins, inflammatory pathologies (psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, eczema), erythema (including sunburn), heated skin (after shaving, sport etc), pre & post dynamic phototherapy, before and after radiotherapy, in association with anti-acne treatments.
The Extreme Care can be applied all the day long and as often as necessary.
It can also be used as a mask. To do this, apply a thin to medium layer of the Extreme Care on the face, leave for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse off with water.

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